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Guiding Light Program Packet
To Help Us At Guiding Light Do Our Part To Reduce Our Use Of Paper...
Please Download & Read These Documents On Your Computer.
Massage School Information Fairfield Iowa Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy
If you are interested in applying to Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy's Program please note that the documents on this page are the same documents that are sent out in our program packets to interested students. To help us limit our use of paper we are offering the entire packet to you online.
**A complete calendar will be sent upon request**
Please note there are some forms that need to be printed off & sent back to Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy. These forms are:
  • The Application
  • The Refund Policy
Please mail or drop off these forms (with your $50.00 application fee) to:
Guiding Light
123 N Main.
Fairfield, IA 52556
 Guiding Light Packet Files to Download
(If there is evidence of documents being tampered with the student will face academic and/or legal consequences. Please do not change or add any information to any of these files below.)
Class Beginning September 18, 2017

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