Guiding Light - School of Massage Therapy

 Guiding Light is in the process of restructuring it's education options.
Guiding Light has decided not to offer entry level Massage Therapy
Training or to be a State of Iowa Approved Massage Therapy School.

Guiding Light will continue in it's quest to bring information to the forefront of public awareness, however, the method of deliver is still undecided.

Guiding Light has trained Massage Therapist's who are now working in the professional field of Massage Therapy.  In the future we will hi light these individuals.

Currently, the healthyinspirationsmassageandspa web site features the services of two former students, Renee Perry and John Worsfold.  Please check this
web site for more information.

Thank you for the years of support.

Joy L. Mellum, Guiding Light owner and instructor.


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