Guiding Light - School of Massage Therapy
Guiding Light Instruction Format
Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy’s 750-hour certification course includes 630 supervised classroom instruction hours and 120 independently scheduled instructor-supervised clinical application hours.

Classroom Instruction (Academic)
1. Lecture 

  • Instructors follow a basic textbook guideline for each course.   
  • Required reading and workbook assignments will follow the textbook format.           
  • Lecture aids will include DVD and video visual aids and supplemental information.           
  • Charts and models will also be used in presentation as lecture aid material.

 2. Lab Projects   
  • Students will recreate the anatomy of the body with art creations.       
  • Unique study aids will be made to help assimilate the academic           information.    

 3. Demonstration 
  • Instructors will use hands-on visual aids to demonstrate course   instruction.           
  • DVDs and video aids will also be used for demonstration purposes.    

4. Role-playing    
  • Students will practice the client/therapist relationship and professional relationship with other health care practitioners.    

 5. Presentation            

  • Students will work independently on their community service projects.           
  • The instructor will offer time outside of regular class time to assist the student in the planning state of the project.           
  • Once the project has been completed, the student will give the instructor, classmates and other massage therapists a presentation.           
  • This exercise will allow the student to gain experience giving educational and informative presentations to community group organizations or to health care facility personnel.     

 6. Hands-on Learning            

Students will learn by utilizing their hands in these different areas:    

  • Techniques and basic routines           
  • Palpation           
  • Assessing range of motion and restriction          
  • Feeling the tissues           
  • Interacting with “Chi”    

7. Independent project (Business Plan)            

  • Student will learn how to construct a business plan.           
  • Student will learn to set goals and organize his or her thoughts into practical action.    

 8. Resource Materials            

  • Guiding Light has a library with a variety of books, magazines, educational videos, DVDs, CDs and computer software available on-site for the student to use.    

9. Heart Saver CPR & First Aid            

  • Heart Saver CPR and First Aid class is through the Jefferson County Health Center in cooperation with Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy.    

10. Practicum (Clinical Application)            

  • Clinical hours will begin once the student has successfully performed basic Swedish massage and has the needed consultation/assessment skills appropriate for Swedish massage.              
  • As the student gains experience with client contact and successfully performs each of the modalities taught, the student will infuse these skills into the Basic Swedish Routine.          
  • At the end of the training, the student will demonstrate the ability to perform a Therapeutic massage using various techniques he or she has learned.           
  • Students will have the opportunity to conduct Clinical Massage Therapy sessions in a private practice setting, which simulates the environment a student will establish in their own practice.           
  • Students will conduct themselves as if it is their business practice.           
  • Each student will have a private/quiet room for clinical training. This is unlike other school settings that establish an assembly line clinical training setting with very little privacy that does not imitate a professional practice setting.    

Elective Course Studies  

Students will have demonstrated the skill appropriate to the elective course level to receive a certification for that particular elective.
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