Guiding Light - School of Massage Therapy
Guiding Light Program Fees
The full 750 hour course instruction fee is $12.00 per credit hour.        $9,000.00    

Discounts may apply!! See below...
The fee for textbooks and printed materials is:                                        $500.00
           The list of textbooks we will use are:
Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage 6th edition (Beck)
Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage 6th Workbook (Beck)

Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology 6th edition (Werner)
Concise Book of Muscles (Chris Jarmey)  3rd Edition
Trial Guide Text & Workbook 5th edition (Biel)

          Business Mastery 6th edition (Sohmen)

There is a $50.00 (non-refundable) Application Fee
Transfer Credits will be considered if the education has been from a college course, massage therapy school, continued education credit or certification course work.
Transfer Credits will be $1.50 per credit. Students must test out of the class at the time of registration to receive those transfer credits. This assures the school that the knowledge is still active in the student’s awareness.
First Aid & CPR are required by the State of Iowa for license. If the student has a current certification at the time of enrollment it will not be necessary to take the 10 credits. However, if the certification expires within the time the student is in class, the student will be required to take the course for renewal. If the certification expires after the course is completed, it is important for the student to know the state will require a current certification. Keep an eye on the expiration dates.
Discounts may apply!!
Early Registration Discount - 15% off of tuition
Call us at 641-472-9337 and ask about our Early Registration deadlines!

Early Registration requires that a student has:
- Sent an application
- Had an interview with the Director of Guiding Light
- Received acceptance into Guiding Light School Of Massage Therapy
- Completed any tests required for transfer credits
- Paid school tuition in full by the "early registration" deadline date
Plus, Installment Payment Options Are Available!
*Please contact the School Director for more details
by calling 641-472-9337 & asking for Joy or
e-mail Joy at
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