Guiding Light - School of Massage Therapy
Guiding Light's Refund Policy
(Please use the document under App., Fee & Refund Print Out to sign, date and return)
Withdrawal from the Guiding Light Massage Therapy Certification course:

Students are required to give a hand written notice of withdrawal from the program and request for a refund. Notice must be signed and dated.

A FULL refund of money paid (minus application fee and printed materials and book fee) will be given if:

  • Written request is made two weeks (14 business days) prior to the first day of class.
  • Student did not complete transfer credit eligibility test or practicum. (A fee will be charged for instructor and/or directors time)
  • Money paid has cleared our bank or credit card account. 
  • Any fees that were incurred such as credit card charges or bank fess will be taken from the refund.
  • Student has not signed a re-enrollment form which requests the money be paid for the program is applied to the next class session.      

Students who have met the above requirements will receive a refund, minus any expenses, within three weeks of refund request.

If written request is not received with 14 business days prior to the first day of class, no refund will be given. Student would be eligible to transfer fees to the next class session offered.

There will be no refund for printed materials and books. Student has the option to sell his or her books to future classes.

Student is financially responsible for each day school is in session whether student attends class or not.

Students on payment plans are responsible for the entire program fee regardless if they decide to continue the program and if they miss scheduled class hours. 

This is a financial agreement/contract and commitment.

In the event it is necessary for Guiding Light School of Massage Therapy to pursue legal action, student will be responsible for the total dollar amount of legal costs and any other incurred costs.
The massage therapy program is limited in the amount of students it can give the instructional training to; therefore, students are given a space in the program when the program fees have been paid or a down payment has been made. If the spaces are thus filled, Guiding Light will inform other potential students no room is available. It is our hope those choosing to enroll in Guiding Light’s training program have already made a thoughtful and committed choice.
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