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The student clinical program begins every February and end approx.

Our students will be learning massage therapy protocols and techniques from January - July. 

Swedish Relaxation Massage is the first protocol they will learn.  The focus of this therapy is to aid the body's ability to manage the stress response by initiating the para sympathetic nervous system response.  When the para sympathetic response is initiated, the body is able to up regulate digestion, immune, elimination and repair functions of the body.  Circulation and lymphatic functions are also enhanced to allow for nutrition, oxygen and other substances to reach tissues/cells and for the tissues/cell to detox their cellular waste.  Regular relaxation massage is for your body as regular car maintenance is for your car.

Students will also learn the application of heated stones as a therapy.  Heated stones are used to massage the tissues, allowing
the body to absorb the heat it needs.  Heat penetration that can
penetrate the deeper layers of tissue without the need for invasive deep tissue strokes allows the body to be self correcting.  Many times pain is due to lack of blood flow to an area.  Chronic tension can also be caused by lack of blood flow to the tissues/muscles causing contraction.

Aromatherapywill be covered as a supportive add on to either relaxation massage or other therapies students will learn.  The student will have knowledge of the effects of certain essential oils on the body systems, the proper use of the essential oils regarding pathological concerns and blending for individual needs.

Myofascial Release will be the main treatment modality.  The concept is to soften the body's connective tissue with gentle static pressure and subtle stretching.  The goal is to increase flexibility, restore fluidity to areas of the body experiencing compacted tissue which may be causing compression to vessels and nerves. Working with the soft tissue of the body will change the body structure as the bones are  connected through a vast network of fascial tissue.

Reflexology foot massage and Chinese acupressure sites will also be offered as as basic introduction.

The students will incorporate these new modalities as they learn them.

To participate in our training program, please contact the director, Joy L. Mellum (

Thank you for your support with the training aspect of our program.


Joy L. Mellum

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